Help Me Name My Game!

When I come to an event, I love to have a little game or activity for the kids, one that is appropriate for my readers and goes along with the book I’m signing. So, for LOOK WHAT I CAN DO! (out in March), I made up a game that involves tossing the book’s featured characters–a snake, bird, bear, frog, spider, etc.–into mini colorful bins.

It’s designed so that when young kids throw a stuffed toy into the white bin, the toy will make it into one of the six colored bins. And they will win a prize! Super talented (older) kids who need more of a challenge will go up against me or each other. These throwers will stand 5-6 feet away from the white bin and points will be assigned to each color.

I DON’T HAVE A NAME FOR MY GAME! And that’s where YOU come in. Leave me a comment with your idea for a name (here, or on Facebook where I’ll copy this post, or you can even email it to me). If I pick your name, I’ll send along a cuddly gift, some bookmarks, and some additional swag representative of LOOK WHAT I CAN DO!

I appreciate your help!

: ) Nancy

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