KidLitCon 2015

On Friday, October 9, I’ll be on a panel at KidLitCon 2015. This conference is mostly for kidlit bloggers. I’ll be sharing a spot with four friends from my KidLit Authors Club, and we’ll chat about how that group was started, how we keep it going, and how bloggers can benefit from a team approach.

So, now you’re thinking, but Nancy, you don’t blog any more, right?

RIGHT. But I did for years, and I did love it. When it got to be too much, I reached out for help and had a few other writers contribute posts.

So, if you’d like, take a step in the past and read my posts on WIT: Writing Info and Tips for Young Writers. I’ve kept the link on my site because there is some very valuable info there, and I don’t have the heart to ditch it.


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