Thank You, Pennsylvania School Librarians

This spring I presented my Write Away! workshop to 50 PA school librarians ( Because my watch had stopped, I exploded into the conference room–beach ball in hand–five minutes late, and thought I was doomed to receive poor remarks on my program. But I should have known–librarians are patient, kind, and forgiving, and enjoy the unexpected. THANKS, PA SCHOOL LIBRARIANS!

Below are a few of the comments from the end-of-conference survey.

The interactive nature of the Write-away model is a sure-fire catalyst to engaging even reluctant writers.

Awesome presenter! The workshop was definitely hands-on and showed how easy it is to get children interested. Want to try the activity with students. Want to get her as author visit!

Loved this session! Exciting, but simple ideas that I can go back and immediately apply!

I plan to share this lesson with teachers doing a fiction genre study and fiction writing unit in the ELA or SLA (Spanish Language Arts) classroom as a way to kick start their narrative writing. I could coteach the lesson or teach it during my class if I have that class in my schedule.

I hope to share the Write-away model with my faculty. It is a fun and engaging way to get students (or anyone) into a ‘writing’ frame of mind.

This session will be very valuable to take back and use with students of all ages and abilities.

I cannot wait to use this writing activity with some of my students. I think it would be a great way to get creative mind moving.

Gather images and try this activity! Share with classroom teachers as well.

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