Happy Summer!

It’s summer, a favorite time of year for me!! While I’ll miss visiting schools and presenting at conferences in other parts of the U.S., I’m happily situated at the shore working the library’s “circ” desk and chatting up all kinds of books with book-lovers of all ages. Summer is also the time I work on writing projects. Here’s what I’m currently revising:

Pruitt and Soo (title may change, TBA) – Not your usual alien story, this one is about two friends who are out to change the school’s rules, and maybe even the world. I’ve always loved a story where the protagonists are feisty rule-breakers!

First Snow – (Fall 2018) It may be hard to think of winter weather right now, but wait until you see my next picture book! In rollicking rhyme, the story follows children throughout a snowy day. From that first snowflake in the morning to the winter wonderland that appears at twilight, readers will be immersed in the energized atmosphere that snow brings.

Samantha Hansen Has Rocks in her Head (2019) – Sam is getting an update! I’m excited to tell you that this book will be reissued in 2019 with a brand-new cover. Written years ago, this funny, funky, super-smart character has finally come into her own, as readers and teachers everywhere have discovered the power of girls in science.

Something’s Bugging Samantha Hansen (2019) – Sam will be going on a whole new adventure! In this second book, she turns her passion to the insect world. Questions that readers have asked me over the years will be answered, like: What happened to Todd? Will Sam and Kelli stay friends? Will the family take another trip?  and  Is Mom still baking those ridiculous cakes?

Beauty and  Bernice (2018 or 2019) – Yes, it’s another middle-grade! Bernice, a gnarly skateboarder and her reluctant sidekick, Princess Odelia, are the stars of this book. More about skaters, skateboarding tricks, skate parks, first crushes, first jobs, and the mystery that surrounds these two very different girls coming soon!

I hope you have a wonderful summer filled with sun, fun, family, and books. I know I will!

: )


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